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Episode 50 - Living in Place with Erik Listou

 Erik Listou from the Living in Place Institute talks about Living in Place.  You might wonder what living in place is…it’s staying where you are, rather than having to go to a senior community or assisted living facility. You might think all you have to do is stay healthy, but Erik tells us that there are some relatively low-cost things you can do to your home that can keep you safely there…and it doesn’t have to look like an institution.  

Episode 49 - Stilettos: Listening to Yourself

How do you sound to others...and to yourself?

Episode 48 - Over 50 Dating App with Alexis Ferraro

An online dating app focuses on those over 50 and what they want isn't the same as younger daters. 

Episode 47 - Stilettos: Finding Your Passion

People always say to follow your passion. But what if they're wrong?

Episode 46 - Isolation with Tamara Sims

 We talk with Tamara Sims of Stanford University about some fascinating data on how Baby Boomers are navigating the social parts of getting older. Spoiler alert – we’re getting isolated, and that’s not good.  

Episode 45 - Stilettos: Hurricane Lessons

 I’ve been through a few hurricanes and there are things that the weather channel won’t teach you.  

Episode 44 - Taryn Rose Shoes

 International shoe maven Taryn Rose is all about sexy AND comfortable. She’s an orthopedic surgeon, so she knows how to keep the foot from being tortured. But she’s a fashionista and, she’s short…so high heels are her thing. Pain is not.  

Episode 43 - Stilettos: Brave

 Does it have to be superhero bravery, or can simply courageous things suffice?  

Episode 42 - Be Your Body's Boss with Heather Bartos

How can you be the boss of your own body, especially when it wants, no, craves, ice cream? 

Episode 41 - Stilettos: Guilt-shaming

 I see all the people getting on board the charity train and first I feel a little bad and then I feel a lot cranky.  

Episode 40 - The Lessons of Loss with Andrea Brandt

 We talk about death and other losses. Sounds fun, right? Well, actually…our return guest, Dr. Andrea Brandt says death is really just a good way to get perspective on life. She says that death…and loss? Well, they’re gifts. And, since you can’t return them, you might as well enjoy them! 

Episode 39 - Stilettos: FOGS

 What do you do to combat FOGS...the Fear Of Getting Stupid?  

Episode 38 - Beverly Donofrio

 Best-selling author Beverly Donofrio talks about that magic dust – and guess what, it’s not magic. It’s hard work and rewriting and then even more rewriting. Beverly has written lots of books, but she first burst onto the scene with Riding in Cars With Boys, which became a movie starring Drew Barrymore. Since then, she’s written memoirs, children’s fiction, and she’s written essays in the New York Times, LA Times, Oprah Magazine, and Slate. 

Episode 37 - Stilettos: FOMO

Do you have that dreaded disease...FOMO? I

Episode 36 - Childhood Trauma's Effects with Riana Milne

 We’re not children anymore, but the stuff that happened to us as children can still have a big impact on our lives. It can block us from living the life we want and it can block us from finding the love we need. And childhood trauma can really kick up a fuss when we try to manage the transitions that are part of being the age we are now. 

Episode 35 - Stilettos - Editing Friends

How do you know when it's time to fire a friend?

Episode 34 - Heart Health with Melissa Botello

 She thought she was having a hot flash. You know what that feels like – out of nowhere, you’re dripping and wondering whether someone turned up the heat. But this wasn’t a hot flash. It was a heart attack. Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. for both men AND women? Hot flash? Nausea? Or heart attack? Heart educator Melissa Botello talks signs and symptoms 

Episode 33 - Stilettos: Brand Me

Branding  yourself is...uncomfortable. 

Episode 32 - Decluttering with Julie Coraccio

 Maybe you’ve got a junk drawer or a closet door that you have to really push to get it to latch. Maybe your whole house is a tottering pile of things you just haven’t gotten rid of yet. Today, we talk with life coach Julie Coraccio about decluttering your life. You might be surprised to find out that, as long as you’re cleaning house, you can even declutter your relationships!  

Episode 31 - Midlife Funk with Suzy Rosenstein

 We’ve all heard about the midlife crisis. It usually involves a red convertible and a blonde. But what about the midlife funk? Life coach Suzy Rosenstein talks about the midlife funk…what it is and how to shake it. She also talks about how to regret-proof your life. I’ll bet you didn’t think that was even possible!  

Episode 30 - Providing for FIDO with Joan Winograd

 You probably have someone who watches your pets when you go on a trip. A dogsitter, the neighborhood kid. But what about when you go on the FINAL trip…when you die? Your family may have promised to take Fido, but are they just saying that to keep you happy? Maybe you’ve made a will to say who gets your mom’s bracelet…but what about taking care of your pets when you go?  

Episode 29 - Refresh Your Relationship with Rhoda Mills Sommer

 If you finish your lover’s sentences, that can be a good thing. But if you’re finding those sentences boring, it maybe time to refresh your relationship. If you’ve been with the same old lover, spouse or partner for what seems like forever, you’re probably ready for a relationship renewal. 

Episode 28 - Solo Travel with Jennifer Buchholz

 How often do you travel on your own? Have you EVER traveled on your own, or do you always need to be part of a couple or a group?  Jennifer Buchholz, the founder of Transform via Travel, provides community support and resources for midlife American solo women travelers. You may find that if you pack your bags for a trip all on your own, you let go of some of that emotional baggage! 

Episode 27 - Talking Sex with Jessa Zimmerman

 We’re talking sex. How often, how your body changes, how your libido changes and how sex after 50 can be your best yet, despite all that. Sex therapist Jessa Zimmerman talks with us about what we know about sex and what we just think we know. 

Episode 26 - Meet "Juicy" Nathalie Dupree

 If you’re a fan of Southern cooking, chances are you’ve heard of my friend, Nathalie Dupree. She was Southern cooking before Southern cooking was cool, and if you want to learn how to make biscuits, Nathalie’s your gal.  

Episode 25 - Entrepreneurship Over 50 with Anita Leffel

 More and more over-50s are starting a business late in life. Maybe they had a hobby while they were busy with their first careers, and now they want to do that for a living. But do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? 

Episode 24 - Happiness with Lisa Avery

 You might think some people are just born happy and some are just natural downers. But that leaves out the fact that you can actually teach yourself how to be happy. Positive psychologist Lisa Avery talks about what happiness really is, and how we can achieve it even if we aren’t born optimists.  

Episode 23 - Writing to Resilience with Stacey Brookman

 Stacy Brookman was married to and divorced from a sociopath. A lot of people call their exes sociopaths, but this is the real deal. Stacy talks about the harrowing experiences of that marriage and about how writing saved her life.  

Episode 22 - When Your Boss is Younger with Bonnie Hagemann

 You see it all the time in the movies. The older worker gets a younger boss and…boom…the older worker is out. The truth is, Generation Y is moving into leadership roles, and we’d better get ready to work and think differently. Bonnie Hagemann talks with us about how to work with a younger boss – and how this generation may be better suited for leadership. 

Episode 21 - Retiree Roomies with Wendi Burkhardt

 Remember the Golden Girls? Well, having roomies in your golden years – or even your silver years -- is becoming more common. Wendi Burkhardt, is CEO of Silvernest, which matches older people with roommates. For some, they need help with the mortgage. Others just want somebody in the house. For many, that roommate is what will let them stay in the home they love. 

Episode 20 - Fighting Alzheimers with Ellen Wood

 I can’t think of a whole lot more scary than finding out that you’re at risk for Alzheimer’s.  Ellen Wood, got that diagnosis and made some drastic lifestyle changes that she credits with at least delaying symptoms. She’s in her 80s today and still sharp, and she shares what has worked for her. 

Episode 19 - Saving Or Not in Retirement with Matt Schulz

 A recent survey showed that Baby Boomers felt helpless about getting out of credit card debt. Today, we talk with Matt Schulz of creditcard-dot-com about good debt versus bad debt, getting out of credit card debt. and playing those credit cards rather than letting them play you 

Episode 18 - Older Exercise with Andrew Wolf

 Ever wonder whether those hard-bodied 20-something personal trainers have any idea what it’s like to work out with aches and pains? Or how much exercise you really need? Exercise physiologist Andrew Wolf has the answers – and you may just want to get out there and take a walk after you hear him!  

Episode 17 - Living Wills with Hattie Bryant

 Hattie Bryant, author of I’ll Have It My Way: Taking Control of End-of-Life Decisions, talks about what do you want your life to be life? And more important, what do you want your death to be like? If you want it to be what Hattie calls a “sweet death,” you need to act now by creating a living will. You need to be specific and you need to tell everyone you can what you want your death to be like. Because, without a living will, doctors are going to do everything they can to keep you alive. But you may not like what that life is like. 

Episode 16 - Turning off Tech with Nancy Colier

 When you opened your eyes this morning, how long did it take you to check your email or social media? If you’re like me, the answer is an embarrassing, “Less than 5 minutes.” I get anxious if I feel like things are happening, and I don’t know about them.  Psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher Nancy Colier says we have a digital addiction. In her book, “The Power of Off,” Nancy talks about the importance of unplugging. She talks today about what’s fueling the addiction and how to kick it, at least long enough to get in touch with yourself.  

Episode 15 - From Mogul to Baker with Bob Oswaks

 When Sony executive Bob Oswaks got laid off, his old boss, Norman Lear – yes, that Norman Lear – called him and told him that maybe it was time for a real change. So Bob took his passion for bread to the next level and started a whole new life as a baker. He hit the big-time when Giada de Laurentiis – yes, Food Network Giada – asked him if he could make all the bread for a party for Prince William and his bride, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Sounds like a fairy tale, but Bob’s tale of reinvention is a little more hard-crusted than that. It took hard work, a hard head, and a tender croissant.  

Episode 14 -Getting Hired Over 50 with Roberta Matuson

 You always hear that nobody wants to hire someone over 50. They don’t have the skills, they’re just going to retire…whatever the reason. Roberta Matuson, is a talent recruiter who has worked with big-time companies like General Motors, Microsoft and New Balance. She talks about getting hired when you’re over 50, and how sometimes your age can even be an advantage.  

Episode 13 - Senior Scams with Michael Hackard

 Scams and financial abuse for over 50s are on the rise. Maybe it’s because there are so many more of us around to scam. Today’s guest is attorney Michael Hackard. Michael has a book called Wolf at the Door: Undue Influence and Elder Financial Abuse and he talks with us about how to figure out when someone is financially abusing a loved one, and how to avoid getting scammed ourselves.  

Episode 12 - What You Leave Your Heirs with Bijan Golkar

 Financial advisor Bijan Golkar isn't offering legal advice here, but if you have people you love, don’t let them fight it out over your assets when you die. And if you’re feeling smug because you’ve got a will, Bijan will tell you that estate planning isn’t a “set-it-and-forget-it” proposition because…well, things change. So even if you’re not a multi-millionaire, start think about what you want to happen to your stuff after you die. Because you sure can’t take it with you.  

Episode 11 - MIndful Aging with Andrea Brandt

 Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is…we’re all going to die. The good news? Well, today’s guest says it’s not about the dying, it’s about how we’re going to live right up until the end. Dr. Andrea Brandt is a psychotherapist and the author of the book, “Mindful Aging.” She’s a featured contributor in Psychology Today and has written blog posts for the Huffington Post. Dr. Brandt talks about how to pay attention to what makes you happy as you get older. One clue? Don’t forget how to play!  

Episode 10 - Durable Powers of Attorney with Hattie Bryant

We talk to Hattie Bryant, author of I’ll Have It My Way: Taking Control of End-of-Life Decisions. Boomers don’t want to think about giving up control or even getting older. But the truth is, we may be in a situation where doctors need to know what we want – and we’re in no position to tell them. That’s where durable powers of attorney for health care come in, and Hattie talks about what they are and why we need them – stat. Durable powers of attorney for health care – sounds like a dry topic, but trust me, you want to hear Hattie.  

Episode 9 - Meet Juicy Chef Emily Luchetti

 Emily's  the chief pastry officer for Big Night Restaurant Group in San Francisco. That includes The Cavalier, Marlowe and Park Tavern. You or I might easily say that our passion is pastry or chocolate, but Emily actually followed that passion to a career that has seen her write six cookbooks and win many awards. I was lucky enough to taste one of Emily’s desserts at an event and, maybe it was a chocolate high but before I knew it, she had volunteered to be on my podcast. She talks passion, the macho kitchen culture, and how getting older can up your game as a chef.  

Episode 8 - Smart investing with Dan Casey

 We’re talking about investing when you’re a senior…because it’s hard to live a juicy life if you’re broke. It goes beyond “buy low, sell high.” In fact, there are a lot of things that you may think you know about investing as you near retirement…that are just plain wrong. I’m talking with financial advisor Dan Casey about what you should think about if you’re trying to make your money last as long as you do. 

Episode 7 - Saving Animals with HSUS' Dave Pauli

 If there’s a flood or a hurricane or a fire, you can count on finding Dave Pauli there, rescuing animals. Dave is a wildlife rescuer for The Humane Society of the United States, but he winds up rescuing lots of dogs, cats and horses too. He was in Texas during the floods and he’s been back and forth to Puerto Rico many times ever since Maria struck. I talk with Dave and he shares stories that will warm your heart, and stories that will break your heart.  

Episode 6 - The Lessons of Widowhood, Honey Good


Susan Good– Honey Good to you and me – talks about becoming a widow, re-engaging with life, and what she’s learned that can help others dealing with this grief. Since becoming a widow, Honey has remarried and she’s started an online community for women over 50. Her lessons about staying relevant are important for everyone, not just for the widowed. 

Episode 5 - Mindful Kindness with Doug Carnine


Dr. Doug Carnine has made a study of mindful kindness – and he’s done it with the last people you’d ever think would be mindful OR kind…inmates. Dr Carnine was at the University of Oregon for 35 years and had a pretty impressive career, including getting a presidential appointment to the National Institute for Literacy. He also became a Buddhist lay minister. After he retired,  Carnine developed a mindful kindness project that includes a prison ministry and a couple of books. He talks about how mindful kindness works in real life, and how it can even help you feel younger. 

Episode 4 - Sexual Health with Sandra Bevacqua

 If you want to get Dr. Sandra Bevacqua riled up, just mention that we ought to just accept sexual decline as we age. Nope! If you listen to Dr. Sandy, the problem is ignorance – not only do we know know our own bodies, but even medical professionals aren’t trained in all the ways and places we can get pleasure! Dr. Sandy is passionately committed to helping women of all ages achieve the best sexual health.  

Episode 3 - Letting Go, Moving on with Beth Wonson

 A lot of us say we want to reinvent ourselves. But there’s a lot of stuff we have to let go before we can move forward. Life coach Beth Wonson talks about how to get past what she calls the rocks in our path and how to let go of the hurt and blame so we can become our authentic selves. Along the way, she talks about what to do when life triggers what she those “yucky vibrations” that send us right back to childhood hurts.  

Episode 2 - Meet Juicy Randi Brill, Mom at 45

 When I heard about this woman who had her first child at 45 – and that was just one of her many creative endeavors – I had to talk to her. Randi Brill announced at 14 that she was going to grow up to be in charge of something, and she hasn’t stopped leading. She runs QuaraCORE, a creative design agency in Chicago, and Teacher Peach, that sells classroom products and teacher gifts. Her job title is chief creativity lab guru, and keeping up with her when we talked almost got me out of breath!  

Episode 1 - Older Women, Younger Men, Susan Winter

 We’ve all heard the terms: cougar. Boy toy. Never mind that you can find hundreds of examples of older men and trophy wives in movies, books and real life. If a woman falls for a younger man, there must be something wrong, right? Not according to best-selling author and relationship expert Susan Winter. Susan has been on Oprah, the Today Show, Good Morning America, BBC, and the news on all major networks. She’s been in magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, People, Good Housekeeping, New York Magazine and the New York Times. You may have heard her on countless radio shows and you may have read her in the Huffington Post. Susan and I talk about the good – and the bad – of dating younger men.  

Episode 00 - Let Me Introduce Myself

The trailer that started it all