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Episode 85 - Joyful with Ingrid Fetell Lee

The author of "Joyful" talks about how to find joy from the outside-in!

Episode 84 - Stilettos: Thrill Junkies

What does it take to feel alive? 

Episode 83 - Mental Health with Michelle E Dickinson

 Michelle grew up with a mom who had bipolar disorder and, as challenging as that was, it taught her some lessons that helped her when she had to deal with her own depression years later.  

Episode 82 - Stilettos: Hacked

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Episode 81 - S-Age Sex with Doree Lynn

 Dr. Doree Lynn is a psychotherapist who calls herself a media sex-pert and she’s all about ridding us of the notion that good sex ends when youth does 

Episode 80 - Stilettos: Love Ya, Mean It

 When I was growing up, I was taught to guard Love…the L word…almost as tightly as I guarded my virginity. But these days, I’m loosening up, at least about love.  


Episode 79 - "Juicy" Rhys Bowen

I revive an episode I thought lost to technical gremlins -- my interview with best-selling mystery author Rhys Bowen! 

Episode 78 - Stilettos: Better to Be Rich

 Talking about a report that came out that talks about what happens to smart kids from the wrong side of the tracks. 

Episode 77 - Stress Less with Phyllis Ginsberg

 You’ve heard the expression take a chill pill? Well, today’s guest, Phyllis Ginsberg, talks about how you can chill out without the pill. You might think that once you’re out of the rat race, you just automatically calm down. Nope. We talk stressing less.

Episode 76 - Stilettos: Wedding Traditions

 I talk about wedding traditions and how I’m feeling brand new things as my daughter starts preparing for her fall wedding.  

Episode 75 - Kick-Ass Aging with Emily Luchetti & Erin McHugh

 "Juicy” chef Emily Luchetti returns with new guest, writer Erin McHugh. The two have paired up to create a book of inspirational quotes from lots of people you’ll recognize. The topic? Kick-ass aging!

Episode 74 - Stilettos: Censorship vs Banning

 If you are like I am, you hate hate speech. But should we just look the other way, or should we actively block that kind of talk or writing? When is banning hate speech just censorship? 


Episode 73 - "Juicy" Sheri Salata

 Sheri Salata. You may have heard her name as the executive producer for Oprah Winfrey, but Sheri has moved on to new adventures. She’s got a new book – The Beautiful No – what a great name! – and she shares her insights in what she calls part midlife rallying cry and part cautionary tale.  

Episode 72 - Stilettos: The Math of Life

 In his poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, T.S. Eliot says, “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” Now I love coffee, but the truth is, we measure our life in time. Everybody knows that one plus one equals two. But sometimes, when you add up the hours you’ve spent on things, the math doesn’t add up.  

Episode 71 - Make Love, Not Porn with Cindy Gallop

 I was watching a TED Talk and this British dynamo got on stage and used the filthiest words ever heard at a TED talk. The thing is? She was making sense! I knew I had to get her on Keep it Juicy! Fast forward and I’m interviewing a woman that AARP brought in to fight ageism in ads – it’s episode 63 if you want to go back and listen – and I was stunned. Hold on, you’re THAT Cindy Gallop?! Yep. And she’s back, talking about the difference between real sex and the porn most people watch. 

Episode 70 - Stilettos: Robots

 So…How much do you know? I don’t mean the stuff you spit out at the next test…I’m talking about knowledge, not information. 

Episode 69 - Inheriting Money, Not Mess, Jennifer Luzzatto

 Whether you’re getting a lot of money or a little – or whether you’re the one divvying up the money after Aunt Gertrude dies – it can be a real mess. Today’s guest, Jennifer Luzzatto, talks about how to clean up the mess – or, even better, to make sure that the mess never happens.  

Episode 68 - Stilettos: Letting Her Back In

 Who you let in your life matters. But who you let back in might matter even more.  


Episode 67 - Friends of All Ages, Honey Good

 You might remember Honey from Episode 6 when she talked about what she learned about widowhood. Today, Honey talks her new project – a legacy book for grandparents to leave behind – and about her new network that encourages friendships of all ages.  

Episode 66 - Stilettos: The Need for Touch

 In this era of #MeToo and of potential presidential candidates being outed for creepy touching…what do we do about the need for human touch?  

Episode 65 - Time Flies with Adrian Bejan

 You know how time seems to fly faster the older you get? Well, there’s a scientific reason for that – and there are some pretty easy ways to slow time down, believe it or not. Today, I talk with physicist and engineer Adrian Bejan about time and why it seems to race by. 

Episode 64 - Stilettos: Great to Good

 Have you renewed your drivers license lately? Well, I just did and it threw me into a sort of existential crisis. 

Episode 63 - Ageism in Ads, Cindy Gallop

 Flip through a magazine or turn on your television. Where are all the older people? Even the few ads that have older people – well, let’s just say they don’t look, act or talk like anyone I know. They’re all obsessed with insurance policies and wrinkles. AARP hired Cindy Gallop for its Disrupt Aging campaign to target ageism in advertising. They couldn’t have picked a better person. Cindy is kind of a legend in the ad world. She’s tart, funny and blunt – ageism doesn’t stand a chance. 

Episode 62 - Stilettos: Let's Pretend!

 I’m still recovering from daylight savings time and it got me thinking about all the things we pretend together, like that the time has changed. 


Episode 61 - Healthy Eating, Lisa Johanssen

 You know, the older I get, the more that eating seems like a minefield. I just want to eat in peace and drink my glass of wine with dinner and not worry about pesky things like changing metabolism or the temptation of bread basket. Lisa walks us through how we can eat for health – and guess what, it’s not by dieting.  

Episode 60 - Stilettos: Sourdough Lessons


I’ve been trying to perfect sourdough and it’s left me feeling kind of crumby and crusty. 

Episode 59 - "Juicy" Carrie Morgridge

 Carrie is a philanthropist and she and her husband recently rode mountain bikes from one end of the Continental Divide to another. You might think it takes loads of money to be a philanthropist – Carrie married into the Cisco Systems family after all – but she didn’t always have money and she talks about how giving has always been a part of her life. I kind of wish I could bottle Carrie’s energy.  

Episode 58 - Stilettos: Why We Give

 What makes you pull out your wallet? Is it your mood, or is it how worthy the cause is, or is it something else? Psychology actually has some thoughts on that.  

Episode 57 - WHEN with Dan Pink

 We talk about the science that tells us WHEN we should do almost everything in life. Author Dan Pink – had us read his book, WHEN, in a book club he runs, called The Next Big Idea Club. I read it and I was fascinated. The stuff he discovered is so cool! 

Episode 56 - Stilettos: Space in Love

 I read those Hallmark cards about my spouse being my other half and I just think they get it wrong. 


Episode 55 - Mindful Relationships with Nancy Colier

 Nancy spoke to us way back on Episode 16 about how to unplug. Now she joins us to talk about mindful relationships. You might think that being mindful in a relationship is just about paying attention to your mate…and it is…but it’s also about paying attention to yourself and the thoughts and emotions you bring to the partnership. Nancy talks about how to show up and how to deal with a really bad day. 

Episode 54 - Stilettos: Everybody Lies

 Do you ever lie? Oh, come on, don’t lie…admit it. Everybody lies. We’re talking the lies we tell others, and the lies we tell ourselves, 

Episode 53 - Side Hustles, Amanda Dixon

 Today, we’re talking with Amanda Dixon, an analyst for bankrate.com. I asked her to talk with us because I saw a study that we’re doing more side hustles than ever before. What’s a side hustle? We used to call it “moonlighting.” You know, that little extra job for that little extra cash. You might be surprised at why we’re side hustling these days…and what we’re doing. 

Episode 52 - Stilettos: Rituals


We’re talking about rituals. Forget resolutions for the new year, rituals may be the way to go. Lots of my friends have them and I asked them what they do. 

Episode 51 - The Importance of Failure, Brad Staats

 We talk to Brad Staats. I read Brad’s book, Never Stop Learning, as part of a book club I belong to. The whole book is good, but I really was struck by his chapter on failure. Now, anyone with a podcast knows that the way is littered with failure. I’ve pretty much done everything about this podcast wrong at least once. So, when Brad wrote that failure is necessary and good? Made me feel better! I raised my daughter to be brave, and I believe in taking risks. So why does failure feel so awful if it’s a necessary part of the process?