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Episode 94 - Turning 60 in the Coronavirus Age

It wasn't the birthday I had planned. But somehow, it was the birthday I needed. 

Episode 93 - Life Mapping with Dana V Adams

Don't you wish  you had a GPS for life? Dana V Adams says that's life mapping.

Episode 92 - "Juicy" Spa Owner Kim Powell

She's got so much going on, she calls herself a "wellness fraud," but she knows how to deliver self-care.

Episode 91 - Energy Work with Lisa Erickson

How can your energy -- and others' -- affect your life and your health?

Episode 90 - Stilettos: The Talent of Love

Why are some people so bad at love? 

Episode 89 - Bex Bedford & Body Positivity

Call her fat, but call her beautiful too because she loves ALL of  herself! 

Episode 88 - "Juicy" Sandy Tecklenberg

Charleston's First Lady has a lot to say about the pros and cons of having an unofficial job title. 

Episode 87 - "Juicy" Chris Fagan

What her 48-day South Pole trek taught her about herself and about her marriage. 

Episode 86 - Stilettos: When is Sorry Enough?

We have no rituals for forgiveness, and society has entered the Cancel Culture.