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Episode 83 - Mental Health


 Michelle grew up with a mom who had bipolar disorder and, as challenging as that was, it taught her some lessons that helped her when she had to deal with her own depression years later.  

Episode 81 - S-Age Sex


 Dr. Doree Lynn is  a psychotherapist who calls herself a media sex-pert and she’s all about ridding us of the notion that good sex ends when youth does. 

Episode 77 - Stress Less


 You’ve heard the expression take a chill pill? Well, today’s guest, Phyllis Ginsberg, talks about how you can chill out without the pill. You might think that once you’re out of the rat race, you just automatically calm down. Nope. We talk stressing less.

Episode 61 - Healthy Eating


 You know, the older I get, the more that eating seems like a minefield. I just want to eat in peace and drink my glass of wine with dinner and not worry about pesky things like changing metabolism or the temptation of bread basket. Lisa walks us through how we can eat for health – and guess what, it’s not by dieting.  

Episode 44 - Sexy, Comfy Shoes


 International shoe maven Taryn Rose is all about sexy AND comfortable. She’s an orthopedic surgeon, so she knows how to keep the foot from being tortured. But she’s a fashionista and, she’s short…so high heels are her thing. Pain is not.  

Episode 42 - Take Control of Weight


 Dr. Heather Bartos, talks about how nobody is the boss of our body but us…and how sometimes we abdicate that responsibility to doctors or lovers or that tub of ice cream. 

Episode 34 - Women & Heart Disease


 She thought she was having a hot flash. You know what that feels like – out of nowhere, you’re dripping and wondering whether someone turned up the heat. But this wasn’t a hot flash. It was a heart attack. Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. for both men AND women? Hot flash? Nausea? Or heart attack? Heart educator Melissa Botello talks signs and symptoms 

Episode 27 - Sex & Libido


 We’re talking sex today. How often, how your body changes, how your libido changes and how sex after 50 can be your best yet, despite all that. Sex therapist Jessa Zimmerman talks with us about what we know about sex and what we just think we know. 

Episode 24 - Happiness


 You might think some people are just born happy and some are just natural downers. But that leaves out the fact that you can actually teach yourself how to be happy. Positive psychologist Lisa Avery and she talks with us about what happiness really is, and how we can achieve it even if we aren’t born optimists.  

Episode 20 - Fighting Alzheimers


 I can’t think of a whole lot more scary than finding out that you’re at risk for Alzheimer’s. Ellen Wood, got that diagnosis and made some drastic lifestyle changes that she credits with at least delaying symptoms. She’s in her 80s today and still sharp, and she shares what has worked for her.  

Episode 18 - Exercising Older


 Ever wonder whether those hard-bodied 20-something personal trainers have any idea what it’s like to work out with aches and pains? Or how much exercise you really need? Exercise physiologist Andrew Wolf has the answers – and you may just want to get out there and take a walk after you hear him!  

Episode 17 - Living Wills


 Hattie Bryant, author of I’ll Have It My Way: Taking Control of End-of-Life Decisions, asks what do you want your life to be life? And more important, what do you want your death to be like? If you want it to be what Hattie calls a “sweet death,” you need to act now by creating a living will. You need to be specific and you need to tell everyone you can what you want your death to be like. Because, without a living will, doctors are going to do everything they can to keep you alive. But you may not like what that life is like.  

Episode 16 - Turning off Tech


 When you opened your eyes this morning, how long did it take you to check your email or social media? If you’re like me, the answer is an embarrassing, “Less than 5 minutes.” I get anxious if I feel like things are happening, and I don’t know about them.  Psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher Nancy Colier says we have a digital addiction. In her book, “The Power of Off,” Nancy talks about the importance of unplugging. She talks today about what’s fueling the addiction and how to kick it, at least long enough to get in touch with yourself.  

Episode 5 - Mindful Kindness



Dr Doug Carnine has made a study of mindful kindness – and he’s done it with the last people you’d ever think would be mindful OR kind…inmates. Dr Carnine was at the University of Oregon for 35 years and had a pretty impressive career, including getting a presidential appointment to the National Institute for Literacy. He also became a Buddhist lay minister. After he retired,  Carnine developed a mindful kindness project that includes a prison ministry and a couple of books. He joins me today to talk about how mindful kindness works in real life, and how it can even help you feel younger. 

Episode 4 - Sexual Health


 If you want to get Dr. Sandra Bevacqua riled up, just mention that we ought to just accept sexual decline as we age. Nope! If you listen to Dr. Sandy, the problem is ignorance – not only do we know know our own bodies, but even medical professionals aren’t trained in all the ways and places we can get pleasure! Dr. Sandy is passionately committed to helping women of all ages achieve the best sexual health.  

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