episodes - juicies!

Episode 79 - "Juicy" Rhys Bowen


I revive an episode I thought lost to technical gremlins - an interview with best-selling mystery author Rhys Bowen! 

Episode 75 - Kick-Ass Aging!


 “Juicy” chef Emily Luchetti returns with new guest, writer Erin McHugh (pictured). The two have paired up to create a book of inspirational quotes from lots of people you’ll recognize. The topic? Kick-ass aging! 

Episode 73 - "Juicy" Sheri Salata


 Sheri Salata. You may have heard her name as the executive producer for Oprah Winfrey, but Sheri has moved on to new adventures. She’s got a new book – The Beautiful No – what a great name! – and she shares her insights in what she calls part midlife rallying cry and part cautionary tale. 

Episode 59 - Carrie Morgridge


 Carrie is a philanthropist and she and her husband recently rode mountain bikes from one end of the Continental Divide to another. You might think it takes loads of money to be a philanthropist – Carrie married into the Cisco Systems family after all – but she didn’t always have money and she talks about how giving has always been a part of her life. I kind of wish I could bottle Carrie’s energy.  

Episode 38 - Beverly Donofrio


 Best-selling author Beverly Donofrio talks about that magic dust – and guess what, it’s not magic. It’s hard work and rewriting and then even more rewriting. Beverly has written lots of books, but she first burst onto the scene with Riding in Cars With Boys, which became a movie starring Drew Barrymore. Since then, she’s written memoirs, children’s fiction, and she’s written essays in the New York Times, LA Times, Oprah Magazine, and Slate. 

Episode 26 - Nathalie Dupree


 If you’re a fan of Southern cooking, chances are you’ve heard of my friend, Nathalie Dupree. She was Southern cooking before Southern cooking was cool, and if you want to learn how to make biscuits, Nathalie’s your gal. 

Episode 15 - Bob Oswaks


 When Sony executive Bob Oswaks got laid off, his old boss, Norman Lear – yes, that Norman Lear – called him and told him that maybe it was time for a real change. So Bob took his passion for bread to the next level and started a whole new life as a baker. He hit the big-time when Giada de Laurentiis – yes, Food Network Giada – asked him if he could make all the bread for a party for Prince William and his bride, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Sounds like a fairy tale, but Bob’s tale of reinvention is a little more hard-crusted than that. It took hard work, a hard head, and a tender croissant.  

Episode 9 - Emily Luchetti


 Emily’s the chief pastry officer for Big Night Restaurant Group in San Francisco. That includes The Cavalier, Marlowe and Park Tavern. You or I might easily say that our passion is pastry or chocolate, but Emily actually followed that passion to a career that has seen her write six cookbooks and win many awards. I was lucky enough to taste one of Emily’s desserts at an event and, maybe it was a chocolate high but before I knew it, she had volunteered to be on my podcast. She talks passion, the macho kitchen culture, and how getting older can up your game as a chef.  

Episode 7 - Dave Pauli


 If there’s a flood or a hurricane or a fire, you can count on finding Dave Pauli there, rescuing animals. Dave is a wildlife rescuer for The Humane Society of the United States, but he winds up rescuing lots of dogs, cats and horses too. He was in Texas during the floods and he’s been back and forth to Puerto Rico many times ever since Maria struck. I talk with Dave and he shares stories that will warm your heart, and stories that will break your heart.  

Episode 2 - Randi Brill


 When I heard about this woman who had her first child at 45 – and that was just one of her many creative endeavors – I had to talk to her. Randi Brill announced at 14 that she was going to grow up to be in charge of something, and she hasn’t stopped leading. She runs QuaraCORE, a creative design agency in Chicago, and Teacher Peach, that sells classroom products and teacher gifts. Her job title is chief creativity lab guru, and keeping up with her when we talked almost got me out of breath!