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Episode 71 - Make Love, Not Porn


 I was watching a TED Talk and this British dynamo got on stage and used the filthiest words ever heard at a TED talk. The thing is? She was making sense! I knew I had to get her on Keep it Juicy! Fast forward and I’m interviewing a woman that AARP brought in to fight ageism in ads – it’s episode 63 if you want to go back and listen – and I was stunned. Hold on, you’re THAT Cindy Gallop?! Yep. And she’s back, talking about the difference between real sex and the porn most people watch.  

Episode 67 - Friends of All Ages


 You might remember Honey from Episode 6 when she talked about what she learned about widowhood. Today, Honey talks her new project – a legacy book for grandparents to leave behind – and about her new network that encourages friendships of all ages. 

Episode 55 - Mindful Relationships


We welcome back psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher Nancy Colier. Nancy spoke to us way back on Episode 16 about how to unplug. Now she joins us to talk about mindful relationships. You might think that being mindful in a relationship is just about paying attention to your mate…and it is…but it’s also about paying attention to yourself and the thoughts and emotions you bring to the partnership. Nancy talks about how to show up and how to deal with a really bad day.  

Episode 48 - Senior Dating


 Alexis Ferraro is from OurTime, a dating app for people over 50. We’re used to getting books, shoes and travel arrangements through online ordering. Why not love? Well, as my guest, the vp of marketing, tells us, that book you’re ordering doesn’t have the option of not liking you back. The brave world of online dating for over 50s .

Episode 46 - Boomers Less Social?


 We talk with Tamara Sims of Stanford University about some fascinating data on how Baby Boomers are navigating the social parts of getting older. Spoiler alert – we’re getting isolated, and that’s not good. 

Episode 36 - Trauma & Transitions


 We’re not children anymore, but the stuff that happened to us as children can still have a big impact on our lives. It can block us from living the life we want and it can block us from finding the love we need. And childhood trauma can really kick up a fuss when we try to manage the transitions that are part of being the age we are now. 

Episode 29 - Relationship Refresh


 If you finish your lover’s sentences, that can be a good thing. But if you’re finding those sentences boring, it maybe time to refresh your relationship. If you’ve been with the same old lover, spouse or partner for what seems like forever, you’re probably ready for a relationship renewal. 

Episode 6 - The Lessons of Widowhood



Susan Good– Honey Good to you and me – talks about becoming a widow, re-engaging with life, and what she’s learned that can help others dealing with this grief. Since becoming a widow, Honey has remarried and she’s started an online community for women over 50. Her lessons about staying relevant are important for everyone, not just for the widowed. 

Episode 1 - Older Women, Younger Men



We’ve all heard the terms: cougar. Boy toy. Never mind that you can find hundreds of examples of older men and trophy wives in movies, books and real life. If a woman falls for a younger man, there must be something wrong, right? Not according to best-selling author and relationship expert Susan Winter. Susan has been on Oprah, the Today Show, Good Morning America, BBC, and the news on all major networks. She’s been in magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, People, Good Housekeeping, New York Magazine and the New York Times. You may have heard her on countless radio shows and you may have read her in the Huffington Post. Susan and I talk about the good – and the bad – of dating younger men. 

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