Episode 69 - Inherit Money, Not Mess



Whether you’re getting a lot of money or a little – or whether you’re the one divvying up the money after Aunt Gertrude dies – it can be a real mess. Today’s guest, Jennifer Luzzatto, talks about how to clean up the mess – or, even better, to make sure that the mess never happens. 

Episode 53 - Side Hustles


 We’re talking with Amanda Dixon, an analyst for bankrate.com. I asked her to talk with us because I saw a study that we’re doing more side hustles than ever before. What’s a side hustle? We used to call it “moonlighting.” You know, that little extra job for that little extra cash. You might be surprised at why we’re side hustling these days…and what we’re doing. 

Episode 30 - Taking Care of Fido


 You probably have someone who watches your pets when you go on a trip. A dogsitter, the neighborhood kid. But what about when you go on the FINAL trip…when you die? Your family may have promised to take Fido, but are they just saying that to keep you happy? Maybe you’ve made a will to say who gets your mom’s bracelet…but what about taking care of your pets when you go? 

Episode 19 - Seniors and Credit


 A recent survey showed that Baby Boomers felt helpless about getting out of credit card debt. Today, we talk with Matt Schulz of creditcard-dot-com about good debt versus bad debt, getting out of credit card debt. and playing those credit cards rather than letting them play you 

Episode 13 - Senior Scams


 Scams and financial abuse for over 50s are on the rise. Maybe it’s because there are so many more of us around to scam. Today’s guest is attorney Michael Hackard. Michael has a book called Wolf at the Door: Undue Influence and Elder Financial Abuse and he talks with us about how to figure out when someone is financially abusing a loved one, and how to avoid getting scammed ourselves.  

Episode 12 - Estate Planning


 Financial advisor Bijan Golkar isn't offering legal advice here, but if you have people you love, don’t let them fight it out over your assets when you die. And if you’re feeling smug because you’ve got a will, Bijan will tell you that estate planning isn’t a “set-it-and-forget-it” proposition because…well, things change. So even if you’re not a multi-millionaire, start think about what you want to happen to your stuff after you die. Because you sure can’t take it with you.  

Episode 10 - Durable Powers of Attorney


We talk  to Hattie Bryant, author of I’ll Have It My Way: Taking Control of End-of-Life Decisions. Boomers don’t want to think about giving up control or even getting older. But the truth is, we may be in a situation where doctors need to know what we want – and we’re in no position to tell them. That’s where durable powers of attorney for health care come in, and Hattie talks about what they are and why we need them – stat. Durable powers of attorney for health care – sounds like a dry topic, but trust me, you want to hear Hattie.  

Episode 8 - Seniors & The Stock Market


 We’re talking about investing when you’re a senior…because it’s hard to live a juicy life if you’re broke. It goes beyond “buy low, sell high.” In fact, there are a lot of things that you may think you know about investing as you near retirement…that are just plain wrong. I’m talking with financial advisor Dan Casey about what you should think about if you’re trying to make your money last as long as you do.