Episodes - General

Episode 85 - Joyful with Ingrid Fetell Lee

Author of "Joyful talks about how joy can be built from the outside in.

Author of "Joyful" talks about how we can build joy from the outside in. 

Episode 65 - Time Flies with Adrian Bejan


 You know how time seems to fly faster the older you get? Well, there’s a scientific reason for that – and there are some pretty easy ways to slow time down, believe it or not.  I talk with physicist and engineer Adrian Bejan about time and why it seems to race by. 

Episode 63 - Ageism in Ads with Cindy Gallop


 Flip through a magazine or turn on your television. Where are all the older people? Even the few ads that have older people – well, let’s just say they don’t look, act or talk like anyone I know. They’re all obsessed with insurance policies and wrinkles. AARP hired Cindy Gallop for its Disrupt Aging campaign to target ageism in advertising. They couldn’t have picked a better person. Cindy is kind of a legend in the ad world. She’s tart, funny and blunt – ageism doesn’t stand a chance.  

Episode 57 - WHEN with Dan Pink


 We talk about the science that tells us WHEN we should do almost everything in life. Author Dan Pink – had us read his book, WHEN, in a book club he runs, called The Next Big Idea Club. I read it and I was fascinated. The stuff he discovered is so cool! 

Episode 32 - Decluttering with Julie Coraccio


 Maybe you’ve got a junk drawer or a closet door that you have to really push to get it to latch. Maybe your whole house is a tottering pile of things you just haven’t gotten rid of yet. Today, we talk with life coach Julie Coraccio about decluttering your life. You might be surprised to find out that, as long as you’re cleaning house, you can even declutter your relationships!  

Episode 51 - Failure with Brad Staats


 We talk to Brad Staats. I read Brad’s book, Never Stop Learning, as part of a book club I belong to. The whole book is good, but I really was struck by his chapter on failure. Now, anyone with a podcast knows that the way is littered with failure. I’ve pretty much done everything about this podcast wrong at least once. So, when Brad wrote that failure is necessary and good? Made me feel better! I raised my daughter to be brave, and I believe in taking risks. So why does failure feel so awful if it’s a necessary part of the process?  

Episode 28 - Traveling Solo with Jennifer Buchholz


 How often do you travel on your own? Have you EVER traveled on your own, or do you always need to be part of a couple or a group? Jennifer Buchholz, the founder of Transform via Travel,  provides community support and resources for midlife American solo women travelers. You may find that if you pack your bags for a trip all on your own, you let go of some of that emotional baggage! 

Episode 31 - Midlife Funk with Suzy Rosenstein


 We’ve all heard about the midlife crisis. It usually involves a red convertible and a blonde. But what about the midlife funk? Life coach Suzy Rosenstein talks about the midlife funk…what it is and how to shake it. She also talks about how to regret-proof your life. I’ll bet you didn’t think that was even possible!  

Episode 23 - Writing to Resilience/Stacy Brookman


 Stacy Brookman was married to and divorced from a sociopath. A lot of people call their exes sociopaths, but this is the real deal. Stacy talks about the harrowing experiences of that marriage and about how writing saved her life.  

Episode 25 - Over-50 Entrepreneurs with Anita Leffel


 More and more over-50s are starting a business late in life. Maybe they had a hobby while they were busy with their first careers, and now they want to do that for a living. But do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? 

Episode 21 - Retirement Roomies with Wendi Burkhardt


 Remember the Golden Girls? Well, having roomies in your golden years – or even your silver years -- is becoming more common. Wendi Burkhardt, is CEO of Silvernest, which matches older people with roommates. For some, they need help with the mortgage. Others just want somebody in the house. For many, that roommate is what will let them stay in the home they love. 

Episode 22 - Having a Younger Boss with Bonnie Hagemann


 You see it all the time in the movies. The older worker gets a younger boss and…boom…the older worker is out. The truth is, Generation Y is moving into leadership roles, and we’d better get ready to work and think differently.  Bonnie Hagemann, talks with us about how to work with a younger boss – and how this generation may be better suited for leadership. 

Episode 40 - Lessons of Pain & Death, Andrea Brandt


We talk about death and other losses. Sounds fun, right? Well, actually…our return guest, Dr. Andrea Brandt says death is really just a good way to get perspective on life. She says that death…and loss? Well, they’re gifts. And, since you can’t return them, you might as well enjoy them! 

Episode 14 - Getting Hired Over 50, Roberta Matuson


 You always hear that nobody wants to hire someone over 50. They don’t have the skills, they’re just going to retire…whatever the reason. Roberta Matuson, is a talent recruiter who has worked with big-time companies like General Motors, Microsoft and New Balance. She talks about getting hired when you’re over 50, and how sometimes your age can even be an advantage.  

Episode 7 - Saving Animals, HSUS' Dave Pauli


 If there’s a flood or a hurricane or a fire, you can count on finding Dave Pauli there, rescuing animals. Dave is a wildlife rescuer for The Humane Society of the United States, but he winds up rescuing lots of dogs, cats and horses too. He was in Texas during the floods and he’s been back and forth to Puerto Rico many times ever since Maria struck. Dave shares stories that will warm your heart, and stories that will break your heart.  

Episode 50 - Living in Place with Erik Listou


 Erik Listou from the Living in Place Institute talks about living in place.  You might wonder what living in place is…it’s staying where you are, rather than having to go to a senior community or assisted living facility. You might think all you have to do is stay healthy, but Erik tells us that there are some relatively low-cost things you can do to your home that can keep you safely there…and it doesn’t have to look like an institution.  

Episode 11 - Mindful Aging


 Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is…we’re all going to die. The good news? Well, today’s guest says it’s not about the dying, it’s about how we’re going to live right up until the end. Dr. Andrea Brandt is a psychotherapist and the author of the book, “Mindful Aging.” She’s a featured contributor in Psychology Today and has written blog posts for the Huffington Post. Dr. Brandt talks about how to pay attention to what makes you happy as you get older. One clue? Don’t forget how to play!  

Episode 3 - Letting Go


 Life coach Beth Wonson talks about how to get past what she calls the rocks in our path and how to let go of the hurt and blame so we can become our authentic selves. Along the way, she talks about what to do when life triggers what she those “yucky vibrations” that send us right back to childhood hurts.